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What is Polyloop?

Polyloop c'est quoi?

Many agree that this is a possible technology in real life, but some experts doubt its feasibility for various reasons and, traveling as fast, no one has done it yet. Research and innovation must continue to reduce the costs of the technology, to understand it better and to test it in the real world, which should take several more years.

la premiere capsule québécoise

Polyloop is a project entirely from Quebec.


With a budget of about 150,000$ CAD versus some teams that are close to 1 million $ CAD.



It is the first Hyperloop capsule developed in Quebec.


At the cutting edge of technology, this new 100% electric means of transportation allows travel at a speed of 300 km/h using a linear induction motor on a short track.



"In Quebec, we are very good at making projects as efficient as elsewhere, but for less money [...] We are resourceful, we are able to do a lot with little. That's why we want to be careful with our expenses, unlike other teams. 



aero structure

Structure completely in aluminum. 

Objective next year: Carbon fiber shell for next improvement.


300 km/h, 0.3g acceleration. Linear induction motor.

Nothing planned for next year


Deceleration of 1.5g. Servo hydraulic system.


Objective next year: Reduction of the mass and volume of the brake system as an improvement


52 kW battery for acceleration and 10 kW for cruising speed.

Next year's goal: Increase capacity to 52 kW, increase cruise power or decrease the size of the battery system.

système embarqué

Allows remote control of the pod. Measures pod speed, pod height, pod acceleration, various temperatures and distance remaining to the race.

Processes the data and transmits to a central computer by radio wave (5GHz)

Polyloop 2022

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